PRESIDENT of the United States of America

The White House

1600 – Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20.500


                                     cc: Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton

                                            US Department of State       

                                                Cc: Democratic Party – Mr. Joe Biden

                                                                      Democratic National Committee – Mr. Tim Kaine

                                                                      Organizing for America - Mr. Mitch Stewart


                                                            Subject: The Your Victory and the My Hope    Dear Mr. President,

                My Congratulations President, for the democratic form that you are getting to develop this action, together the Senate, to reach the reform of medical insurance and that will become a reality, which will extend for more than 30 million uninsured Americans, will gain access to affordable heath care coverage.


 You are really right when to say that these are not small changes. There are really great changes of moral base, which is: CHANGE with Progress, that it will improve the Development and the Order in the American Nation. This way the capitalists will save money and the American Nation will save lives; and this form it will favor the alive ones, this plan, that come to consume more. 


                President Barack Obama, you have just accomplished an important item of political campaign promise, this way, with certainty you will be chosen again, for more 4 years.


Do you remember?


" Very frequently the American citizens don't know who is working in Washington and when they discover, they don't like than they hear. . . . We won't be able to change America unless we challenge the culture that dominated Washington, for long periods.  And that means in a cultured way, to light a grandiose light in our works in Washington ". [Speech of Barack Obama in New Hampshire, 9/4/2007].

                You are little by little getting to reach your objectives that are given by the solutions of the social problems of great part of the American people; through the strategy of “to conserve - getting better”, to reach CHANGE with Progress!

                  Without more for the moment, I wish you   

Health, with respect and Fraternity   

Paulo Augusto LACAZ