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February 18, 2011


Dear Friend:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on education. I appreciate hearing from you. I am committed to providing the best possible education for our Nation's students because our children deserve it and because, today more than ever, America's prosperity rests on how well we educate them.

Across the country, we have many great schools and dedicated teachers. We should be proud of these successes, and eager to discover and support what makes them great. We must also realize that not all children get the education they deserve, and many schools need urgent reform to better help our students reach their full potential.

Through the Recovery Act, my Administration has made a historic investment toward improving public education and providing greater access to a complete and competitive education for every child. This investment will make high-quality, early learning programs available to more young children. The Recovery Act will also help strengthen the teaching profession by recognizing talented teachers who improve learning and by encouraging them to stay in the schools that need them most. We are committed to exploring innovative approaches that advance teaching and learning through high standards and expectations for all students, and to developing meaningful assessments. These steps can ensure our graduates are prepared for success both in their higher education and careers.

A child's education does not begin and end with a school bell, and responsibility must extend beyond a school's walls. Our future success depends on a greater level of engagement between parents, communities, and schools on behalf of children. We all share the duty to educate our students, and if we hold them to the highest standards, they will meet them. Please join me online to read more at:


Barack Obama