PRESIDENT of the United States of America

The White House

1600 –Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20.500


Dear Mr. President,


      The System of the Democratic Regime, known of the scientific philosophers, as System of Government Metaphysical and not Scientific, he has the tendency of trying to know the opinion of the people to govern. What is a great mistake? But as it depends substantially on the vote of the people to choose; therefore, he/she gives attention to the opinion emanated by the people, during the political campaign, and later he/she forgets about the people for not could make anything for him, due to the members of Congress that don't defend the interest of the people and yes of the lobbyists. As most is never right, it gets right by chance; the Statesman should know that he thinks of your people to do the good of this people. And not only to worry in knowing the opinion of your people, that will be wrong with certainty; for the own good to be of this people, due to the distortion of the media, commanded by the lobbyists. 

             The Statesman, as the Mister it cannot be polluted or stunned and to feel never humiliated by opinions that come to criticize him/her your altruistic way of seeking solutions for the domestic problems and of the exterior, what seemingly can demonstrate weakness of could militate, and actually with certainty he/she will know how to use of forcing in the appropriate moment and if it goes like this necessary. 


            There really is not need of the Mister to transmit fear to none of the ones that disagrees of your politics domestic or international. You for persuasion, knowledge, altruism and position maximum hierarchy in could militate of the World, will take a more little of time in treating your propositions than for actions merely military, to break such political and economical-financial barriers, for now still effective in this Planet. 


To change with Progress! 


       But if these diplomatic actions don't flow for a peaceful solution, for the defense of the domestic capitalism of US and World – Globalization ; as in the case of the Plan of Safe Health of the Americans; of the best moral control of the behavior of the Bank system and of the stock exchange of US; of North Korea - with the despotic communism; of Iran and your intentions of I refine of uranium for warlike purposes; of Israel-Palestine, with the creation of the State of Palestine; of Venezuela, with a new retrograde and imprudent dictator - and of Afghanistan, to assure the expansion of could militate Russian in the Indian Ocean, in this bipolaridade still existent, for a solution non warrior, it proved that is very deliberate and very lucid, when it negotiated with the Russians, removing a plan of protection of missile defense in the Republic Tchecolovaskya a and Poland, hoping to acquire cooperation of the Russians around new sanctions against Tehran. Today 04/10/2009 already have news that Iran is willing to accept the inspection in your plants of enrichment of uranium; but it demonstrated warlike force of new rockets to defend of Israel. Then already he/she gave a favorable result after 6 months of your actions. 

            As the Olympic Games, there was not failure nor of the President nor of the Americans. Firstly we cannot compare above in level of importance the themes related, with sport subject, that can generate material actions of investment, but that will generate high corruptions with certainty. 


          Most of the American people didn't want that Olympics of 2016, it was average voice in Boston. US are going by a recession. The subject is serious for us to go to the circus and to eat popcorn and to drink Coke, to camouflage the happiness. The moment is of sadness and high responsibility. The unemployment is big! And it is not an Olympics that will solve the problem of the recession of US. 

            He/she was good President Barack Obama, because the last with certainty can be the first! 

             There is not doubt that the marketing used by Brazil, in this case it was superior to yours.  

            On the other hand it is good to remind that the President of Brazil doesn't have the problems that the President of US faces.  

            Waiting to have collaborated in animating your psyche or soul to continue facing these weighed days of great world leader, I say good-bye, wishing him/her 

  Health, respect and Fraternity 

  Paulo Augusto LACAZ