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Dear Ms. Hillary Clinton 


The elections will only occur in November, until there this difference of 4 delegates will evaporate. It is too much more than 1139 that already add for you, they are still very far away from 2025 necessary to do her candidate. He is only more with 119 delegates. These minimum differentials that will be overcome by the new plans of strategic coordinated for you. The propose, is at least 2025 delegates to reach the objectives, we are still far and him also. 


I suggest that you analyze the possibility to show your strong character and your qualities of great love for your husband and your family, overcoming takes the human frankness that your husband made, and you knew how to be above all, to do front to a political campaign showing your courage, perseverance and great prudence in front of this media many of the times ingrate, scorching the emotional balance trying to alter our moral conducts in situations of high risk. And you knew how to overcome everything this with elegance.


For having DEMONSTRATING THAT you are A GREAT WOMAN, and that it deserves the Presidency of this Great Country, that requests changes of Positive Moral order at this time for it walk, commanding with maximum possible in a peaceful way the Humanity's evolution. 


Without more for the moment, I wish to you 

Best Regard,

Health, with respect and fraternity, 


P. A. Lacaz 

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Hillary for President




Dear Paulo Augusto,

I will never, ever forget how you were there for me when I needed you the most. When you learned that my campaign needed your help, you didn't hesitate. And the overwhelming generosity that you showed in the past week is like nothing I have ever seen.

As the race for the nomination continues, I hope you'll remember that you have made this campaign your campaign. Our victories are your victories. I know that you are standing with me and that I can rely on you for help. And with your support, I know we'll win.

I wanted to share some of the kind words and stories you've shared with me over the past week, along with some of my favorite recent moments from the campaign trail. Take a look at the album on my website here:


Again, thank you so much for all you have done.
My heart is truly full.

Hillary Rodham Clinton







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